Authentic Southern Yellow #2 Knotty Pine Flooring and Siding

Lowest Prices in the country on Authentic Southern Yellow Knotty Pine#2. We are not one of these ads that do not tell you the grade of flooring they are selling but try and fool you with a made up name or false claims. We sell 20000 feet a month of Yellow Southern Knotty Pine #2 Flooring and Siding. If you are interested please reply and I will get back with you ASAP. Our product is Old Growth Timber out of South Arkansas and Northern Louisiana. Lumber made from Southern Yellow Pine include all four species and is graded in accordance with the grading rules of the SPIB (Southern Pine Inspection Bureau). Again, you will see inferior product advertised under names such as "select pine", these are just seconds. We sell graded flooring that comes in the length you order not random. We also offering staining in house for additional charge. Some of our product offerings: Yellow #2 1x6x8- $1.60 per square foot Yellow #2 1x8x8- $1.72 per square foot Yellow #2 1x6x10-$1.75 per square foot Yellow #2 1x8x10-$1.75 per square foot Siding is priced the same as the flooring. Each of these products are also available in 12', 14' and 16'. Orders may combines lengths and widths. Shipping and volume discounts with larger orders.
Updated 21-Jul-2013